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Down Under Container Workshop

March 5th, 2020 7:00pm - 8:00pm

In this workshop, you will plant a down under container of your choosing with 1 to 3 plants. The pots come in a variety of colors, so it will be first come first pick. You will then leave your planted container with us and we will keep it and let it grow in the green house until May 9th (if not picked up on or before May 9th we reserve the right to allow someone else to buy it). The cost of this class is $48 plus tax for a medium container, 3 plants and soil OR $59.99 plus tax for a large container, 3 plants, and soil. If you already have your own down under container from previous years, you are encouraged to bring it in and use it for this workshop. Bringing in your own cleaned out container will cost $20 plus tax for the 3 plants and soil. Payment is due when you pick up your container in May. Call Jenell at 330-831-0143 to register!